Why Should Salespeople Never Ask for Permission?

Have you ever noticed that most people pretty much do as they're told? This is especially true in any situation where you aren't familiar with the process of getting through it. I recently took a Yoga class for the first time. I was told what to do from the first minute I walked into that room (of course it was in a pleasing tone from a very attractive instructor so I didn't mind so much). Guess what...I did everything she said. I walked to the counter on the far side of the room for my little mat. Then I got a scented towel. Then I did everything else she said for the next hour.

What's my point and how does this relate to sales? My point is that when you are going through the sales process with your prospect, they don't know what the next step . I see too many salespeople that continually ask for permission. Could I call you next week? Are you free Monday? Could we meet on Tuesday? Whatever the question is, and what is the easiest word in the English language is to say? It's "no." It's easy to say no; it means nothing changes and complacency is comfort in most cases. They don't have to do anything if they say no. So what do you do? Start telling your prospect what to do.

Of course I don't mean you'll be barking orders like you're training a dog. But instead of, "Could I call you next week?" Why don't we use, "I'll give you a call next week and we'll..." Instead of, "Are you free Monday?" How about, "I'm going to be in your area Monday, would morning or afternoon be better for you?" There is still a question but the statement gives the prospect a choice of time on Monday and not whether or not to meet. This is a very powerful tool if you can master it and these are just a couple of examples but the sooner you stop asking permission and start telling prospects what to do next the sooner your Sales Results will Fast.

The bottom line is this: if you are a sales professional then asking for permission for anything is something should just not ever happen. Lead the way with value and be professional guiding the prospect through to the close and they'll appreciate you that much more.

When hiring a sales trainer or coach make sure they are able to help you with this technique.