What Skills Do I Need to Backpack?

Backpacking can be a fun and rewarding hobby and provide many days of enjoyment as well as gaining a sense of achievement and exhilaration. But there are essential skills that one will need to acquire in order to successfully backpack.

A there is a culture around backpacking, every backpacker will learn to understand what is required of them. As there are many unwritten rules in backpacking to keep everyone safe from harm - the newbie backpacker will soon come to realize the importance of such rules. Every backpacker simply wants to enjoy themselves and have fun and to take in the beautiful scenery - as well as being safe.

It is vital to have the basic set of skills so that should a emergency occur, help will be on hand. Survival skills will help you keep you alive in an emergency or trauma situation. Depending on the situation and where you are backpacking, you determine the type of survival skills required for the trip. However, generally you should be able to be able to handle the basics such and water, shelter and warmth.

Great navigation skills are a must for backpacking and orienteering skills are extremely helpful. You should have the ability to be able to work out where you are so you can find your way out.

First aid is another extremely helpful skill to help those that may get injured. You will be able to stabilize the condition until professional help comes along.

Remember, everyone's safety is paramount and is the most important thing to consider above anything else. Follow these tips and you will have a very enjoyable backpacking trip.