What Does Smart Casual Really Mean?

When it comes to male fashion, there are separate categories of apparel just like there are in womens fashions. Men have casual clothing items like summer shorts, jeans, tee shirts, flip-flops and hoodies. There are garments for men that are more appropriate for business and looking great on the job like suit jackets and creased trousers. The fashionable man may be able to mix the two styles for one great look.

The Meaning Of Casual Wear For Men

When it comes to casual clothing design for men, garments are created with comfort in mind. Casual wardrobe pieces like trousers, shorts, tee shirts and mens jackets are typically made with easy-to-care-for fabrics. Casual clothes can also have a sporty look that makes them perfect for outdoor activities. The problem with casual clothes is that they don't work well in professional business settings. They are too casual and can look sloppy in an office.

Smart Attire For Men Usually Means Business

Clothes for men that are considered smart attire are cut with a more sophisticated style. The garments are typically made from sturdier fabrics and may have more formal-looking buttons, collars, sleeves and trouser creases. Mens jackets that are smart attire are well-fitted and proper for business and work. They give a man a look of professionalism and respect. There is a problem here as well. Apparel for business can look stuffy and out of place at casual outdoor functions.

The Definition Of Smart-Casual Fashion

Smart-casual means taking the best qualities of casual wear and smart attire and combining them for a winning look. By choosing the right garment fabrics, styles and designs, a man can go from work to play looking great and fitting in with any social situation.

Smart Attire Is Usually Made With:

1. A Tailored fit

2. Non-stretch fabrics

3. Stylish buttons

4. Formal collars and cuffs

Casual Attire Is Usually Made With:

1. Loose-fitting designs that may include elastic

2. Stretch fabrics or denim

3. Sporty, athletic look

4. Rib-knit collars

Smart-Casual Attire Blends The Best Of Both Worlds

Take the sophisticated cut of a well-tailored mens jacket created in a comfortable fabric and you get smart-casual wear. Lightweight, looser-fitting trousers can work well at the office and outdoors. Cotton blazers can do double duty at work and in more casual settings.

The cotton blazer is a very versatile wardrobe essential for any man. It keeps one covered and respectful at work and yet doesn't look overdressed outdoors. Instead of a plain tee shirt with rib-knit collar, a smart option can be a cotton pullover with a placket opening and standard collar for a more put-together look.

Smart casual means dressing well, yet being comfortable in any social situation.