Spotting Phony Balenciaga: Quick Tips

Balenciaga handbags are manufactured with a high level of quality and detail, and it is because of this detail that their handbags are in high demand, timeless, and therefore one of the counterfeiters favorite targets for replication. However, because of the high quality, many of the finer details found on an authentic Balenciaga handbag will not be duplicated correctly on the phony, giving the buyer a fighting chance at not being ripped off. One of these details pertains to the shoulder strap.

Balenciaga shoulder strap: The shoulder strap should generally be one solid piece, with only small openings at the end where the hardware (the bale) slides into. There should never be any big gapping loop at the end of the shoulder strap. Many fake handbags have the leather of the strap actually fold over the hardware, and are then stitched back into the strap. This is never a feature of an authentic handbag. The ends of the strap will not fold over the hardware, instead the end of the strap will form a loop at the ends for the bale to fit into, with no noticeable fold or seam. The quality difference between a fold over loop on a fake Balenciaga handbag, and the strap loop on an authentic bag is a subtle tell that, once you know what you are looking, for can be spotted within three to five seconds.

The Bale: The bale is the metal piece that slides through the loop at the end of the shoulder strap. A fake bale on a fake bag will generally have slightly squared off edges. However, an authentic bale should always have rounded edges. These two tells go hand in hand: If the strap folds over the hardware (fake), then the bale will usually have a squared off shape, (fake). However, it is possible that that the fake may have one of these points correct, but will fail at the other. The best of the fakes may get both of these correct, then other details must be scrutinized. Good luck and safe shopping!