Rock N Roll Marathon Las Vegas Style

The other day I had another gig. It was the first annual Rock N Roll Marathon in Las Vegas. Over 27,000 people showed up to run in the race! Try to picture this. Pitch black, five am, loud rock music, a stage above the strip, people packed in running stalls, and all of us. It was freezing!

I performed with a John Lennon impersonator and I think our feet were completely numb. Celebrities were everywhere. Ronald McDonald, the Flying Elvi, white tigers, show girls, Blues Brothers, Celine Dion, Madonna and John Lennon. What a sight! All impersonators of course.

Tips for keeping warm in the Vegas Cold.

1. Wear your UGG boots no one will notice during a race, especially if you're not the one running. 2. Wear an extra pair of tights under your costume whatever you may be wearing. 3. Have a trailer you can warm up in one was provided and we cranked the heat. 4. When your at a marathon watch out before they run they start ditching all their warm-up clothes by taking them off and whipping them over to the side

I found that out the hard way by ducking as some shorts and shirts were incoming at my head, not very glamorous. Madonna would NEVER put up with that. Oh wait, I'm just impersonating that's right.

Funny thing happened when it was all over. One thing about a marathon, well at least this one. The runners made a u-turn so when we needed to leave 27,000 runners were headed straight for us. We were told we could cross but would be responsible for any runners we took out. So everyone bravely tried crossing myself in my fur coat, Celine Dion in hers and all while running like wild banshees across a sea of marathoners. What a funny sight. Celine Dion impersonator (Elisa Furr) kept shouting blend blend blend! Oh yea we blend alright. Like a Polar bear in an oil slick.

All in all it was an OK day. I was home by 7:30 am and watched Hallmark movies all day. Chad watched them with me. Anytime someone would kiss or give each other the "eye" my macho husband would go "bow chicka bow wow" Honestly Chad your messing with my chic flick moment!!!! Oh well. Today is a new day, time for business, meetings and well lots of others things. Enjoy your day!