I Love My Black Boots by UGG - What to Do When They Get Dirty

Whatever you have black boots or brown boots or what ever color you have they will get dirty. UGG boots are so comfortable but if your like me I'm short on cash so I can't run out and just buy a new pair when they get dirty. I have to keep my little feet warm during the winter months and nothing beats UGG Boots. The only problem is snow and salt will cause havoc on these cute little boots.

Step one - take a clean cloth and wet the towel then dab the boots till they are moist. Make sure you only get them moist and not to wet as you will do more harm by getting the boots to wet.

Step Two - take a good shoe leather cleaner and dilute it to one part cleaner and one part cleaning solution. Take a sponge and use cleaning solution to dab boots till you believe they are clean. Take a new clean sponge and run it under cold water and use it to rinse the boots, but again don't soak the boots.

Step Three - Stuff the boots with newspaper to keep the shape of the boot while they dry. Keep them out of the direct sunlight.

Step Four - After the boots have dried use a suede brush or a lint free towel to restore the boats natural look.

Now to get your shoes smelling natural again I recommended using sneaker balls to absorb the odors. Hopefully you find this article useful in restoring your UGG boots back to looking new.