7 Reasons to Choose Silk for Your Women's Scarf or Shawl

So, the time has come to treat yourself to a women's scarf or shawl to brighten up your wardrobe and provide that added bit of pizzazz to your outfits. You might have a good idea as to the colors that best suit you and of your preferred designs, but what are you going to do about fabric?

Often, when we go shopping for clothes and accessories, fabrics come pretty low on our list of considerations, something which in many ways is a pity when you think about the properties of different kinds of materials and what these can add to or take away from the overall look of an item. Think, for instance, about the difference between a coat made from the finest velvet compared to the same item manufactured from wool or a canvass-type material. While the former would have a look of exquisite luxury and could be worn anywhere, the latter would look far more casual and would have limited wearability. It is not just the look of the item which is affected either, but of course the feel too, and this is equally the case with both clothing and accessories.

When it comes to choosing a women's scarf or shawl, you will, of course, come across a huge variety of examples made from different fabrics. Of these, it is the ones which are produced from the finest 100% pure silk which stand out, and here are just a few good reasons why.

1. The natural properties of silk are such that it adjusts to the body's own temperature. What this means in effect is that it feels cool against the skin in summer but exceptionally warm in winter. In terms of wearability and value for money, therefore, it is beyond comparison with other fabrics.

2. Unlike manmade fabrics such as nylon, silk does not cling, especially in the heat. The way that silk falls and drapes makes it totally unmistakable in terms of quality.

3. As a natural fabric, silk is 100% hypoallergenic, so anyone with sensitive skin will not have to deal with the embarrassment or discomfort of unsightly, itchy rashes.

4. Silk feels quite unlike any other fabric and is both exquisitely soft and sensual.

5. Silk is one of the few fabrics which is used to produce hand painted scarves and hand dyed shawls. Even designer women's silk scarves carry printed designs which are introduced into the material as part of a mass-production technique. The difference between hand painted scarves and shawls shows immediately in the intensity of the colors, as well as in the texture of the fabric. In addition, it is only these hand painted items which incorporate totally unique designs. While cotton is another fabric which is sometimes hand painted or dyed, clearly the quality of this material in terms of look and feel is inferior.

6. Despite appearing fragile and flimsy, silk is very easy to take care of and women's silk scarves and shawls need nothing more than a gentle hand wash to keep them in tip-top condition.

7. The combined qualities of the fabric give women's hand painted silk scarves and shawls an overwhelming feel and appearance of class, luxury and style which simply no other material can compete with.