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The brand Arc'teryx is named after ARCHAEOPTERYX LITHOGRAPHICA, the first reptile to develop the feather for flight. At Arc'teryx, the goal is to create equipment that enables a person to be immersed in the moment of doing, regardless of external conditions. Simple solutions to complex challenges; this is the essence of minimalism and our philosophy of design. Reducing the effects of weather, streamlining use, and moving efficiently creates a timeless, outdoor experience.

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Emerging-Growth and Start-Up Companies

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Watches, Timekeepers and More

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Selecting Wedding Photography & Wedding Video Services

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How to Look After Your Cadet Boots

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Your Logo is Worth More Than a Hundred Bucks

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An Electric Race Car Track - 2 Different Types

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What the Success (Or Failure) Of Black Friday Means For Stocks

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Leather and Suede Jackets For Women

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Women's Shoes - Stretch Your Chic Collection on Budget

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