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The brand Arc'teryx is named after ARCHAEOPTERYX LITHOGRAPHICA, the first reptile to develop the feather for flight. At Arc'teryx, the goal is to create equipment that enables a person to be immersed in the moment of doing, regardless of external conditions. Simple solutions to complex challenges; this is the essence of minimalism and our philosophy of design. Reducing the effects of weather, streamlining use, and moving efficiently creates a timeless, outdoor experience.

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Gucci Watches Presents the Bold G Chrono Collection

Just in time for summer fun, the Men's G-Chrono Collection from Gucci Watches goes from the boardroom to the beach with ease. There are two sub dials on the dial; one at 6 o'clock and the other at ten o'clock. It features luminous hands and baton hou ..........Read full article

3 Factors You Should Keep in Mind Before You Shop For Bridal Sho

When you go to buy your bridal shoes, the best thing to do is to buy them along with your wedding dress. Most boutiques and bridal stores have shoes along with dresses and gowns for the bride. And most stores will suggest you the shoes that either ma ..........Read full article

Theatre De La Mode, The Story Behind It

In 1944, Paris, much like many other parts of the world, were in the process of recovering from war. Rationing was still in place and they were struggling to rebuild. Having once been known as the fashion capitol of the world, they were keen to let ..........Read full article

Tips for Choosing and Wearing a Michael Kors Boyfriend Watch

It seems that there are a lot of women that just love to wear a Michael Kors Boyfriend Watch. Trends come & go, some last longer than others, wearing oversized watches has been fashionable since the 90's but increased in popularity over the last ..........Read full article

Edgy Yet Feminine Describes the Latest Jet Set Design From Micha

New from Michael Kors Watches Jet Set Collection is the Ladies Black Ceramic Chronograph. One of the most striking design features of this watch is the twisted ceramic bracelet done in black with a deployment clasp for safety. It has a black dial on ..........Read full article

Letter I - How Do You Pronounce It?

Letter I is amongst the top 5 most used letters in English. You could say that this is mostly due to its featuring in common suffixes like "ion" and "ing."However, for a beginning letter, you would not catch much fish a brand name that starts with I. ..........Read full article

Fendi Mini Leather Shoulder Bag

Easy come easy go might be the best interpretation of fashion. That means it costs to catch the hottest trend when invest in hot-buys. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on popular bags that end in becoming trash, why not find a go-anywhere-bag ..........Read full article

Number 8 Gucci G Coin Medium Hobo

If you want to hunt for a Gucci designer handbag but are tired of the GG fabric or Guccissima, then you should not miss this latest Gucci G Coin Medium Hobo among its Cruise 2010 Collection. The G Coin detail is not new to Gucci, yet it is the first ..........Read full article

Spotting Phony Balenciaga: Quick Tips

Balenciaga handbags are manufactured with a high level of quality and detail, and it is because of this detail that their handbags are in high demand, timeless, and therefore one of the counterfeiters favorite targets for replication. However, becaus ..........Read full article

Adidas Franchise Review

Adidas was founded by Adolf "Adi" Dassler, in 1948. It is based in Herzogenaurach, Germany. It is a German sports apparel manufacturer and parent company of the Adidas Group that consists of Rockport, Reebok Sportswear Company and Golf Company (inclu ..........Read full article